Mikhail Shakh's journey began in 2002 when he arrived in America as an 18-year-old. Along with his parents and siblings, Mikhail settled in Philadelphia and became an active member of Word of Life Church.

Over the years, Mikhail's dedication and commitment to the Word of Life Church grew. In recognition of his service and devotion, he was ordained as a deacon in 2008. As a deacon, Mikhail took on various responsibilities within the church, supporting the pastoral team and assisting with church services.

Mikhail's passion and consistency in ministry continued to thrive, and he eagerly pursued opportunities to serve in different capacities within the church. Whether it was leading small groups, men’s Bible study, or participating in missions, he wholeheartedly invested his time and efforts to strengthen the church community and spread its message of faith and love.

His dedication and leadership qualities did not go unnoticed. In June 2022, Mikhail Shakh was elected as the senior pastor of Word Of Life Church. As the senior pastor, he assumed the responsibility of guiding the church, providing spiritual guidance, overseeing its operations, and shepherding the congregation towards a deeper relationship with God.

Beyond his role in the church, Mikhail has also built a fulfilling personal life. He is happily married to his wife Olga, who has been a source of support and strength throughout their journey together. Their shared commitment to the Lord and family has been the cornerstone of their relationship. Together, they have been blessed with three children, adding joy and fulfillment to their lives.

With his dedication and love for the people and with the help of the Lord, Mikhail continues to shepherd and serve the people of Word of Life Church.