Мы поддерживаем миссионерские команды, поскольку они служат и разделяют любовь Христа

Все начинается с одного шага – одного шага веры и одного шага любви. Phileo International Ministry родилось из глубокого желания принести любовь Христа к драгоценным людям в этом мире. Активное участие в миссионерской работе во всем мире приносит вдохновение и жизнь нашей церкви. С каждой предоставленной возможностью мы стремимся распространять Евангелие Иисуса Христа.

Целью Phileo International Ministry является Распростронением Евангелия через:

  • Длительные миссионерские поездки
  • Краткосрочные местные миссионерские поездки
  • Поддержка и вклад в рост миссионеров
  • Вовлечение молодежи в евангелизацию

С 2006 года церковь «Слово Жизни» поддерживала сотни миссионеров со всего мира. Теперь через Phileo International Ministry мы хотим поднять наше миссионерское служение на следующий уровень, где мы можем увидеть больше пользы и результатов.

Из горячих джунглей Африки в замерзающие районы Сибири, произойдет спасение!

Хотя краткосрочные миссионерские поездки хороши, мы считаем, что долгосрочная миссионерская работа приносит лучшие результаты и укрепляет местную церковь. Вот почему наше министерство посвящено именно этому.

Итак, давайте встретимся с миссионерами, которые преданно служат за границей: нажмите на имя, чтобы увидеть дополнительную информацию.

Денис Артюшевский – Танзания

Denis’ relationship with the Lord began at the age of sixteen. Since then, he has allowed himself to be led and taught by the Spirit in many areas. Denis began working with youth at his local church and was always ready to serve in any way.

In 2014, Denis took a step of faith and attended Bible school. There the Lord called him to serve on the mission field in Africa. In June of that year, he flew to Tanzania for the first time. Shortly after, he became a crusade leader organizing events and missionary teams for Restoration of Hearts Ministry. God has done amazing work in the past three years. Thousands of souls were reached through gospel crusades. Multiple churches were planted, orphanages were opened, water wells were built, schools were established and many other projects were accomplished.

Recently Denis began working with Touching Nations Today Ministry. Their main area of ministry is working in the remote villages. This year they plan to bring the gospel to ten villages. This will involve long travels in the jungles to reach these unreached places. Through the Jesus film and friendship evangelism the team will teach the villagers of a new life that can found in Christ. Medical clinics and educational conferences will also be started. The team is excited to see what the Lord will do.

Achievements 2014-2016 with Restoration of Hearts Ministry

  • Church projects
    1. Matyazo – Water well, orphanage, church buildings, house visits, Bible college
    2. Kazuramimba – Water well, children’s ministry, church building, house visits, Bible college.
    3. Ujiji  Church building, women’s ministry, youth group, house visits, Bible college
    4. Illagala – Church Building, women’s ministry, house visits, Bible study, prison ministry, primary school outreach, Bible college
    5. Lugufu – Water well, church building, children’s ministry, house visits
    6. Kalinzi – Church building, house visits, children’s ministry, Bible study
    7. Sunuka– Church building, house visits, Bible study
  • Gospel Crusades

    1. 2014 Kigoma, TZ (15,000 people)
    2. 2014 Kazuramimba, TZ (3,000 people)
    3. 2014 Matyazo, TZ (4,000 people)
    4. 2015 Kasulu, TZ (17,000 people)
    5. 2015 Illagala, TZ (3,000 people)
    6. 2015 Ujiji, TZ (1,000 people)
    7. 2016 Mpanda, TZ (10,000 people)
    8. 2016 Kalinzi, TZ (1,000 people)
    9. 2016 Sunuka,TZ (800 people)

In 2017, with Touching Nations Today Denis will continue working with the following 10 villages. His goal is to reach out to at least two villages a month

  1. Endulen, Ngorongoro (4 days drive) – Northern Tanzania-Maasai
  2. Rubalizi (24 hour drive) – Southern Mountain Region  of Tanzania
  3. Mpungusolo (10hr drive+ 4hr hike) – Southern Mountain Region of Tanzania
  4. Kamabwinsofu (26hr drive) – Southern Mountain Region of Tanzania
  5. Kapala (10hr drive) – Southern Mountain Region of Tanzania
  6. Masamamba (24hr drive + 6hr hike)  – Southern Mountain Region of Tanzania
  7. Misanga (24hr drive) – Southern Mountain Region of Tanzania
  8. Kasunga (22hr drive) – Southern Mountain Region of Tanzania
  9. Nyantore (40 minutes)  – Kigoma Region
  10. Matimba (24hr drive) – Southern Mountain Region of Tanzania
Вениамин и Вита – Танзания

Venya and Vita met on the mission field in Tanzania two years ago. They served on the same team for three months, fell in love and were engaged the following year. After their wedding this upcoming May they plan to move to Tanzania, live among the people where witchcraft and Islam is prevalent and preach the gospel of Jesus.

Ever since Vita was a young girl she always had a desire to be a missionary in Africa. When she was just nineteen years old she had the opportunity to travel to Kenya for three months and work with poor children living in Kenya’s largest slum. For the next three years she traveled to Kenya for short term mission trips. In 2015, Vita joined Restoration of Hearts Ministry and started serving in Tanzania facilitating and teaching Bible classes through the International School of Ministry.

Venya accepted Jesus Christ in 2010 at a youth camp and began getting involved in the church with usher ministry and preaching. He went on short term mission trips to Mexico where his passion for mission work grew. In 2015, Venya attended SMBS and led a team on a long term mission trip to Tanzania after graduating. Venya later returned to Tanzania with Restoration of Hearts Ministry to build a church for the local people of Ujiji. And this is only the beginning of what the Lord will accomplish through this young couple committed and on fire for God.

Иван Марчук – Сибирь

Ivan Marchuk was born on January 3, 1942 into a Christian family. In 1956, at age fourteen, he made a covenant with the Lord through the Holy baptism. After serving in the Army from 1961 to 1964 he lived in Minsk and served in the local church.

In 1966 he married. The Lord has blessed his family with nine children who all serve the Lord. He now has thirty beautiful grandchildren.

God called Ivan to relocate to Buryatia, a region of Siberia, in 1989. With the Lord’s help he planted a church and began to work as the Bishop of Siberia and far east. This year marks twenty five years of Ivan’s faithful service in Siberia.

He continues to pastor his church “Christ the Savior” with about seventy parishioners and oversees five other churches. He regularly attends and participates in the services and meets with the local ministers. The churches in Buryatia are actively involved in different activities such as youth rallies, evangelism, and specific ministry for children, women and men.

Ivan’s church also has a rehabilitation center for people with drug and alcohol addiction. At present, ten individuals are going through the program. God is truly changing lives and restoring relationships.

Right now, “Christ the Savior” church does not have their own church building or property but is renting one. They are praying and trusting God to help them purchase their own building where they can worship the Lord. In the future, there are also plans to further open and establish new churches in Buryatia.

Иван Марчук – Сибирь

It’s been 7 1/2 years since Stepan and Kristina Shmat left their home country Belarus, with their two children, to obey God’s calling on their lives. They relocated to Republic of Buryatia, in Siberia, to preach the gospel in a country where Shamanism and Buddhism is very prominent.

Upon arrival, God placed a strong burden on the hearts of Stepan’s family to work precisely with homeless people in the city and it has been their main focus of ministry since then. Most of the homeless are alcoholics and struggle with other addictions and illnesses. The missionary team regularly feeds the homeless and invites them to go through rehabilitation program, newly established for men and women, and start a new life with Christ. Throughout these years they’ve truly seen blessings from God.  The stories, testimonies and miracles are endless.

Stepan now pastors a small church. During the past years they had five water baptisms. Thirteen men and women have completely gone through courses of rehabilitation and were baptized; God has radically transformed their lives. Several of them came back and are serving at the rehab centers helping others overcome addiction. In addition to working in the rehab centers and with the homeless God has opened doors and the team has recently opened an orphanage. They are serving six children and plan to expand.

There are still many needs and many plans to spread the gospel in the region. This young family passionately continues to do what they can and serve the people of Buryatia.

Сергей и Инна Ляхов - Сибирь

Sergey Lyahov and his wife Inna, together with five children, serve in the Republic of Buryatia, in the village of Airport. God led Sergey to leave his home town in Ukraine after finishing Bible college and start a church in a region where Shamanism is prominent and very little people know Jesus. It’s been fifteen blessed years since Sergey and Inna arrived to Buryatia as young newly-wed missionaries.   

They slowly started a church in the village and currently about 90-100 people attend the Sunday service. Last year, in 2016, twenty three people were baptized. Additionally, the church has a men’s and women’s rehabilitation center. They work with recovering alcoholics and those struggling with other addictions. The women’s center is located in the church building, and the men’s center is still under reconstruction with only several rooms available so far.

Sergey and his family rejoice that many local people in the church have a passion and a desire to preach. Over the past four years, evangelical teams began traveling 3-5 days a week to different villages to share the love of Christ. This year, in 2017, eight people have devoted themselves to preaching the gospel forming two teams of four people. There are also about eight other volunteers who are periodically involved in evangelism and outreach programs. 

During these past several years, the Lord gave the evangelical teams the opportunity to preach in dozens of villages and cities, and hundreds of people have heard the name of Jesus. Currently, there are five small home groups in different villages where new believers gather and grow in faith. Sergey and his church support these home groups by visiting them once or twice a month, teaching and encouraging them. The goal of their ministry is to train and equip the new believers and prepare them to continue serving in their home towns and eventually plant new churches.

+ Краткосрочные миссионерские поездки

Кроме того, в этом году молодежь из церкви «Слово Жизни» отправится в краткосрочные командировки в несколько стран, включая Мексику, Россию, Беларусь, Украину, Кыргызстан, Никарагуа и Африку с посланием удивительной благодати, найденной в жизни с Иисусом.

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