We Support Missionary Teams as They Serve and Share the Love of Christ

Everything starts with one step- one step of faith and one step of love. Phileo International Ministry was born out of a deep desire to bring the love of Christ to precious people in this world. Being actively involved in the missionary work around the world brings inspiration and life to our church. With every opportunity given we are eager to spread Gospel of Jesus Christ

Phileo International Ministry’s goal is to share the Gospel effectively and passionately through:

  • Long-term missionary trips
  • Short-term local missionary trips
  • Supporting and equipping missionaries
  • Involving youth in active evangelism

Since 2006, Word of Life Church has supported hundreds of missionaries from all over the world. Now through Phileo International Ministry, we want to bring our missions ministry to the next level where every effort made will bring more impact and results.

Although short term missionary trips are encouraged, we believe that long-term missionary work brings better results and strengthens the local church. This is why our ministry is committed to supporting such efforts.

So now let’s meet the missionaries who are dedicated to serve faithfully abroad: Click on name to see additional information.

From the hot jungles of Africa to the freezing regions of Siberia, salvation shall come!