Central Asia Trip 2019

Few testimonies from the last year’s trip:

  • A team of 10 leaders
  • 2 Central Asian Countries
  • Ministry for men, women, youth, and pastors
  • 31 services and seminars
    • 2 Men’s Conferences
    • 2 Women’s Conferences
    • 2 Pastors Retreats
    • 1 Youth Conference
  • 12 days.
  • Radio talk show
Your donation will help cover travel expenses and support local churches.

Additional donations will help cover travel expenses of the team and the rest of the fund will be allocated to support local churches in Central Asia. Thank you very much for your support and prayers. Central Asia will be saved!!

About Central Asia mission
Help to Fund Strategic Mission to Central Asia on May 28, 2019.

For 4 years now, pastors from all over Central Asia have been calling out for help. With the support of local donors, we mobilised a team and have kept 3 conferences in Central Asia last year.  the results were astonishing! It was not only the fact that ministers got heald from abuse and destruction. But all pastors who have been to our retreat have experienced growth in their churches.

Amidst difficult economic times and religious persecution, they are still facing challenges in ministry every day. Their lack of training makes their leadership journey harder than ever. This year Lord led us to double, double the amount of events and double the team, size.

Our group is taking that jump to go, inspire, equip, and support these leaders and pastors, as well as confront issues regarding abuse towards women and girls that is happening right now in these countries.

The expenses to execute our plan totals to $24,819.53, from which a portion has already been raised. This amount will cover all of the expenses for all 6 conferences including stay and food for pastors and their wives.

We cannot go into the details of the trip right now, nor can we share what countries will we be in, due to safety precautions. However, when we return, we will provide a full report of the details outlining our trip and the outcomes achieved.

Thank you very much for your consideration in supporting this mission for the people of Central Asia!


  1. Help pastors & leaders in practical ministry

  2. Confront girls and women abuse

  3. Equip leaders with discipleship tools & practices

  4. Inspire youth to live a life with a purpose

  5. Interview on the national radio show

  6. Explore the idea of setting up a shelter for women

  7. Explore the idea of setting up women’s counseling center


  1. Safety in travels & all visits

  2. Complete Funding

  3. Hearts to be open to hearing the word of God

  4. Healing of the abuse wounds

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